Stronger Leaner Lighter

Self-Coaching Online Program

An 8-Week supported Self-Coaching Online Program to help you release the weight that no longer serves you - spiritually, emotionally & physically.

The Program Includes

*Weekly Group Coaching Calls (All recorded)

*Weekly Training Videos

*Access to a Library of EFT Videos

*3 Meditation & Visualization MP3's

*2 Stronger Leaner Lighter 9 Minute Workout Videos

*Membership to the Stronger Leaner Lighter Secret Facebook Page


*A hard copy of Sally's - TAPPING TO RECLAIM YOU. This book is provided at no charge within this course and contains 30 case studies of actual scenarios and the tapping sequences used. The book deals with the most common challenges women face and includes the scripts and words for each situation.

*PDF version of the groundbreaking The 2 & 20 Principle to help you implement new power habits simply & easily

**You will also receive a Free copy of the 3 Cravings Video Series that have been so popular. Showing you how to tap on a cravings for Chocolate, Chips and Bread.

"Sally Thibault is exquisite at transforming lives. I had the great pleasure to attend Sally's workshop and had some massive life-changing breakthroughs that I wasn't able to resolve using other types of therapy. Sally is one of the kindest, most compassionate people I know and her ability to empower women to make deep, soul-changing changes easily and elegantly is astounding. If you are stuck in any part of your, relationships, energy or weight, I would highly recommend having a chat with Sally to see if she can help. I give her my whole-hearted recommendation!"

....Julie Mason, Australia . 

"Sally Thibault is one of the most intuitive, centered, mindful EFT therapists practicing in the field today." 

Dr. Peta Stapleton, Associate Professor Psychology - Bond University  

Normally $997

Special Only $497

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About Sally 

"Sally is a passionate trainer and it was an honour to be in the same space with her." 

Deidre Schill, Mackay, Qld

Sally Thibault has spent over 30 years working in the field of health, wellness, counseling, personal development and coaching.  

She is an Intuitive Women's Wellness Coach, Professional Speaker and Author.

Certified EFT Practitioner & International Master EFT Trainer and holds a Diploma of Professional Counselling.

Sally is the author of three books - Tapping to Reclaim You, David’s Gift Asperger’s Life and Love, Stronger Leaner Light - The Art of Living Consciously  

She hosts the weekly Stronger Leaner Lighter Show, each Wednesday and can be heard on Radio 96.5FM Brisbane and MMM Wheatbelt WA each week!

"Ready to fly - Inspirational, simple, profound technique that everybody needs in their life.  Sally is a Master of her Trade"   Jackie Isles - Doterra Blue Diamond Leader"


What we cover:

Learn how to ditch dieting mindset with Sally's signature 5 step
Conscious eating Methodology

Learn how to correctly implement the correct form of Intermittent Fasting that is just right for you

Discover the power of Exercising Purposefully with 9 minute videos that help you achieve strength, flexibility, posture and energy

Meditation forms a major aspect of the program, with regular meditation MP3' to help you implement this powerful practise.

Access to a library of EFT videos to help you blast through limitations, self-sabotage and food cravings

Learn how to unlock the keys to uncovering your soul purpose and live your life purpose effortlessly.

***PLUS The Mastering EFT 6 Part Video Series which includes 3 BONUS VIDEOS - How to Tap To Release Food Cravings***

When joining the Stronger Leaner Lighter Program you will also receive a hard copy version of Tapping to Reclaim You!

Sally's book was written specifically to be a resource for individuals who wanted to Master EFT. This not a novel. It is a series of 30 case studies of EFT use in actual true-life events.

The book contains 30 common blockages that come up regularly for many women. Each case, includes the detailed script and words used and also the exact script re-frame round.

What you will receive...

A Brand New Video Delivered Each Week

How to set a powerful vision for what you want… and the 10 steps to make it real.

How to implement Conscious Eating Principles.

How to make habits easier – using The 2 & 20 Principle.

How to implement Intermittent Fasting – in a way that is right for you.

How to quickly identify what self-sabotage is really trying to tell you and how to stop it.

How to ensure your soul and life purpose are aligned –and what to do if they are not.

How to overcome the Imposter Syndrome.

How to re-evaluate where you are heading.

How to make Meditation easy.

Access to a Library of EFT/Tapping Videos including...

How to tap to release weight permanently.

How to tap to overcome self-sabotage.

How to tap to get a good night’s sleep.

How to tap to overcome the fear of rejection.

How to tap to overcome fear failure and fear of success.

*** PLUS – The six part video series - How to Master EFT for Personal Use Including access to the How to Tap on Food Cravings 3-part video series. ***

Meditation & Visualization MP3s each fortnight

Giving you a library of 4 MP3's to keep to help make your meditation and visualization practise an essential aspect of your life to help power up your weight release!

4 Stronger Leaner Lighter 9-minute Video Workouts These are Sally's signature videos, designed specifically to address the four areas of fitness, strength, flexibility & posture in under 10 minutes a day!

Two PDF Downloads

How to Journal to make your intentions come true.

The groundbreaking 2 & 20 Principle to help you implement powerful, time efficient habits!

PLUS... A Weekly Group Call via Zoom [recorded if you cannot make the call] and membership to the Secret Facebook Group for members only to provide accountability, coaching and connection.

What People Are Saying: 

"If your life isn't just "right" .. You need Sally in your life! Sally is able to relocate the person within you, you have lost along the way. EFT is the most valuable transformation for change you can learn. If you want to learn Tapping - learn from the absolute best - Sally Thibault. " 

Libby Want, Southport

"Sally is a true Lifestyle Coach - she listens and learns about you and what you want from life and helps you find and get rid of things that are holding you back so you can be the best version of the true you. " 

Janet Culpitt, Networking With Confidence

" I would definitely recommend working with Sally if you are looking to improve all areas of your life because she does not just work on any one aspect - she works with you on exercise, eating healthy and clearing out the 'stuff' that we all hold in our brain and our heart - that 'stuff' that drags us down and makes us feel like we aren't worthy, when in actual fact we are TOTALLY worthy

Linda Morris, Gold Coast  

"The training is amazing The biggest learning was about myself & how many layers need to peeled off to get to the core issue. The number of detours that can be taken to peel the layers was incredible. Definitely feel enlightened & ready for the next challenge knowing I have the strategies to deal with it." 

Michelle Gray, Merrimac 

"Sally has a true gift in being able to teach the method and then how to apply it in the real world. She teaches with compassion, empathy & relatability. A profound weekend which I kow is going to benefit my business & my life." 

Kris Barrett, Gold Coast - Health & Essential Oils Coach

"I arrived to the weekend as an 'open book' looking to learn EFT. I got so much more from the 2 days. In a safe and suportive environment I was able to clear up so many issues that were holding me back from what i want. Now I have another set of skills to help others." 

Debrorah Bipham, Carrara 

More comments ...

"I feel empowered to reclaim my financial health. I was feeling lost and hopeless about my disconnection to myself and perceived inability to provide financially, for myself and my family. After this two-day seminar I deeply and completely believe that money is my birth-right. ....Noni Croft - Masseuse.

"Sally is very informative, knowledgeable and a wonderful teacher!" Annabel Hart - Queensland

What an amazing weekend of personal growth. Sally is an exquisite speaker and facilitator. ......Karen Philips - Direct Office Supplies 

Sally is a truly wonderful, caring person and was able to unlock & release so much pain and grief so I can live my life to the fullest. .....Sonya Van Rijssen Nerang 

Sally, you are an awesome! .......Dilusha Desheny, Melbourne 

The whole weekend was so nurturing, loving and supportive. A safe space where I could leave the challenges of my professional life and just be me. ......Nola Kennet, Bassendean, WA  

"Sally is a passionate facilitator and it was an honour to be in the same space with her" ...Deidre Schill Mackay Qld  

Wow what a weekend. Learning about me and understanding. If I change the pattern – acknowledge my beliefs I can change my life to enjoy, to smile brighter, let love in and have success...Kim Ridley, Miami  

What I have learned during this training has been invaluable for myself personally and for my future clients... Lucy Devenish , Queensland Australia

"Sally has a gift - to be able to pinpoint the true cause of the issue, then address it. Sally is also a very accomplished presenter. She has a wealth of knowledge and ability. She has a clarity and ease that takes you to the end game. .... Anne Gasken – Queensland

 "This workshop was amazing, helping me to realise at a deeper level what things were holding me back from being as successful as I want to be in business and in my personal life." ....Shelley Ahearn Mason, owner Lime Tree Kids  

"Sally is a vibrant, engaging and knowledgeable presenter. The three days training was a joy ....Gopi Elton, Melbourn Vic.  

"Fabulous training with Sally – so down to earth, so many examples to resonate with and presented with humour and ease".....Liz Hines, Buiness Owner, Melbourne Vic.

The Stronger Leaner Lighter 8-Week Self-Coaching Program


Normally $997

Special Only $497

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Payment can be made with Credit Card or Paypal

We accept Qoin as payment.

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