Courageous Whole-Hearted Leadership 2-hour Workshops 

Creating Conversations to Inspire Change

Is your organisation fully implementing the power of compassion, courage and diversity in leadership?  

Do the men and women in your organisation feel equally powerful in decision making and committment to your growth ?  

Does your organisation fully embrace change the need for change or do you feel your leadership team could be doing more?  

Do you see the challenges of Unconsconcious Bias and Stereo-type Threat holding back some of your most talented employees... but your current programs are not addressing these effectively ?  

First - the Facts

While many organisations talk about Gender equality and support for Women in Leadership, the facts prove otherwise ...  

According to the 2017 World Economic Forum Australia ranks:  

#36 in the world in Gender Parity overall.  

#42 in the world in Economic Participation and Opportunity. 

#48 in Political Empowerment.

 (New Zealand is 9th place and Canada in 16th)

And the Human Rights Commission Leading For Change report found 97% of top CEOs were of Anglo-Celtic or European background and 95% of other non-chief senior management also fit this profile.

 The Challenges

Today, the old model of ego-driven male-dominated leadership is simply not meeting the need for the change we are calling for in the world.  

There is a global change for leaders who are committed to the values of inclusiveness, vision, and to be prepared to inspire those within their organisations to be the best they can be.

But the challenge for many organisations is to inspire change, without resorting to yet another boring 'inclusivity' workshop, that does not create any major cultural shift.

Creating change within an organisation has to begin from within. Each employee feeling that they are part of the solution, and to foster a culture where change is not encouraged but supported.

- T h e S o l u t i o n -

Courageous Whole-Hearted Leadership 2-Hour Workshops

Workshops designed to create conversations to inspire change!

How Does It Work?...

The Courageous Whole-Hearted Leadership workshops are fast paced and interactive. Designed to facilitate conversations to inspire change.

Topic #1 Uncovering Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias stems from genetically programmed beliefs that are most often difficult to uncover.  

These often show up in words or thoughts such as: "Men are stronger", "Women are better at multi-tasking," "Boys will be boys," and "Women are more emotional."  

Changing unconscious bias in the workplace can ONLY occur when all stakeholders with your team identify, and commit to, supporting organisational change, both personally and professionally. In this sometimes controversial, but always enlightening session, participants will be encouraged to uncover how their unconscious biases maybe inhibiting their career growth.

Topic #2 Overcoming Stereo-Type Threat 

In this workshop, we will be uncovering why the stress response can often inhibit growth in leadership. 

Stereo-type threat impacts on decision making, effectively leading a team, asking for a pay increase, or speaking up in meetings. 

In this session, we will examine how to implement simple, effective and fast stress reduction techniques to avoid this reaction.

Topic #3 - Self-Sabotage and The Imposter Syndrome  

Over 75% of people experience The Imposter Syndrome at some time in their career. 

In this workshop participants will learn how to identify how the Imposter Syndrome impacts on confidence and effectiveness. How it drives people to Self-Sabotage their success. They will learn the powerful steps to stop repeating this cycle of cause and effect in ther lives. 

Topic #4 - How to Lead with Courageous Authenticity 

The challenge for many women is to lead as their most unique and authentic selves. Women bring a set of skills to leadership that requires courage, compassion and a committment to uncertainty. 

Sometimes it can be hard to stay on course while the world adapts to this new more heart-centred and mindful approach to feminine leadership. This requires adapting the most powerful mindfullness practises daily so that it allows you to step into the rarefied atmosphere of feminine leadership, without compromisng your soul.

Topic #5 - How to Build The Bridge, not Smash the Ceiling  

For too long the conversation around Whole-hearted Leadership has been both one-sided and often hostile. But research shows that both men and women thrive when women are encouraged and mentored by both male and female mentors.  

In this session, we will examine the power of the 'round table' discussions and how creating a program embracing diversity through mentorship will create a powerful whole-hearted approach to organisational change.

How it Works

  • The 2-Hour workshops are evidence based, fun & informative 
  • You can adapt topics that are relevant to your organisation's specific requirements
  • All participants will be required to complete a confidential and anonymous questionnaire, prior to the training and upon completion.

  • Each Workshop can form the basis for a more detailed, longer workshop or training
  • The workshops can be booked individually or as a series. (Discounts apply for multiple workshops booked in advance
  • All participants will be supplied with workbooks, and list of selected books for further personal and professional development.

About Sally

As a leading authority in helping women reclaim their power in business and in life, Sally Thibault has spent over 30 years working in the field of health, wellness, counselling, personal development and coaching.  

Today she is known for helping women create success in all aspects of their lives through her transformational VIP Coaching Days and Coaching Programs.  

Sally is the author of two books Tapping to Reclaim You and David’s Gift . A Professional Speaker, Certified EFT Practitioner & Int'l EFT Trainer. She also holds a Diploma of Professional Counselling.  

Sally has been featured extensively in International and Australian media and is currently the weekly Life Coaching Expert on over 20 Radio Stations across Australia.  

"Sally works with people to take them back to a place of unconditional love and acceptance of themselves before the patterns of life took over." ....Jo Taylor 

From early in life we have seen that leadership has been mostly associated with traits like strength, direction, power and authority, requiring men and women to 'armour up' in those roles.  

But the world is changing.  

Today, words such as transparency, authenticity, compassion, respect and commitment to personal values are now traits that we look for in our leaders, with those words effortlessly bridging easily from private life to professional life.  

There is such an urgency for change... for whole-hearted leadership that has at its essence Compassion, Courage and Commitment to Uncertainty.  

For our leaders to hold sacred to the values that contribute to a whole-hearted way of living. including a strong commitment to their own health, wellbeing and family and personal relationships as they encourage the same of the people they lead.  

To ensure that their work is an extension of WHO they are, not the other way around, and to inspire those they lead to adopt the same priority balance  

Now is the time for new leadership. Where both men and women choose to stand in their own truth, embrace whole-hearted power so that that both can bring their true authentic selves to the role of being an inspiring, effective, whole-hearted business and in life.

Ready to Inspire Courageous Whole-Hearted Leadership in your organisation? 

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Comments from women Sally has worked with ...

"Sally is a true Coach - she learns about you and what you want from life and helps you find and get rid of things that are holding you back from being the best version of the true you. This helped me personally but also greatly benefitted me professionally in business and with all my relationships.  

I realised why I react to things the way I do and now I understand my reactions and can be my true self - unashamedly."  

Janet Culpett

"Sally helps you uncover the patterns that trap you in a life of heartache. She then helps you discover how to release yourself from these patterns allowing you to live more fulfilled.  

I have been given tools to deal with stress/anxiety, I cope better with less frustration and anger and I'm just a nicer person!  

I had no idea what to expect as I won a session with Sally at a luncheon - I was going to send my husband for some organisation and life coaching skills - but instead I'm glad I did that session with Sally! Through our work, I discovered that all these years I had buried myself under tonnes of what others expected of me. I now feel lighter in my heart, cope better, am less overwhelmed & have the tools I can use when I need them." ...Libby Giehe

Sally has a gift - to be able to pinpoint the true cause of the issue, then address it. 

I know about the glass ceiling and being passed over because I'm a woman. I understand leadership means leading from the heart, standing in my truth and not changing "me" to fit in. When it comes to teaching the "how to" of true leadership, Sally certainly has got this right. ...Kris Barrett, Nutrition & Health Coach  

Dr. Peta Stapleton, Associate Professor Psychology - Bond University said: "Sally Thibault is one of the most intuitive, centred, mindful coaches practicing in the field today."